How To Choose a Bond Broker & Surety Company?

Never underestimate the consequences of buying surety bonds through a slick talking company, who promise the earth, but who when the time comes to deliver are found wanting.

Irrespective of the size of your surety bond requirements, choosing a dependable, trustworthy and reputable bond broker and surety company is the first thing that you should consider – all else comes second. Selecting the right company is ensuring that the solutions that you seek, both for the short term and the long term and the obligations of the bond are met.

What is the first thing that you should see in your broker – check his credentials, see if he is properly licensed. Many are licensed but only in a few states. If you are embarrassed or a little shy of asking the broker for proof of his certifications, though no good broker will object to it, if they have nothing to hide. In fact they will flaunt their credentials but only if they are worth flaunting, the other option available to you is to go to State Licensing and access the access the licensing details on the website – here you will find names of all practicing brokers who are valid and active.

The second consideration would be to evaluate the market representation of your surety broker. If you find that he has access to a limited number of bonding companies, then it is more than likely that he will have limitations and constraints and will not be able to provide you with the ideal all-encompassing bonding solution that you are looking for.

A visit to the Ai Surety Bonding, a leading Canadian Surety Bonding Insurance Brokerage, website will reveal what a bonding brokerage should be all about. Ai Surety Bonding has years of experience in the surety bonding industry and is a trusted name in the business. Its brokers have proven track records that speak for themselves and they boast of qualified and talented support staff that ensures, that even after you have purchased the bonds, you are continued to be taken care of. They promise meticulous attention to detail, expeditious service and unwavering commitment to their clients business.

Ai Surety Bonding history and heritage and an outstanding repute and character, combined with the large volume of business over the years, provides them with a powerful platform on behalf of their clients.

The company is well placed to match your bond needs to the most apt surety partner to guarantee that you will have the bond of your choice, on the best approval terms and at the best possible rates. Ai Surety Bonding’s surety partners are the finest in the surety industry and have been specifically chosen to meet specific needs of the individuals. Ai Surety is equally committed to its clients in new businesses as it is to it Fortune 500 companies.

In conclusion, the surety bond broker should be well versed with the surety industry. Most newbies to the field equate it with insurance policies, but it is vastly different and much more diverse – ask him simple questions and see if he flounders. You will be amazed to find that there will be many who will be hard placed to explain the difference between a bid bond, a performance bonds, a surety bond and a fidelity bond.


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